MemorieS OF

    Memories flood my mind keeping me awake in the still of the night

its thought provoking how in the silence everything speaks even the stars

the stars sparkle and whispers every detail reminding me of years ago:

pictures, faces, places, words spoken, moments shared, lies the joys and the pain of being with….hmmm

just stop talking……..

I try to forget, hide and run away

but memories find me and stares me in the face

I quickly look away not acknowledging the stare and its daunting effect

but it matters not what I do

memories remain!

Images bombard my mind of days, months, years far behind

gone but not forgotten is the constant cry

Memories may hurt but they help us to grow

be grateful for the good and use the bad as stepping stones

don’t try to forget but remember and keep moving

even when your breaking, dawn is approaching!

Memories keep coming….yes

Present the bad times! but I will yet glory

as i think of the Goodness of a friend called Jesus Christ

he has kept my mind sound even when I thought I was going crazy

and when the hurts were so deep

he kept mending me even when I laid asleep

even when I ran and couldn’t face my fears

Jesus never left he ran with me there.

I will glory in the night

in the midst of the whispering stars

I will glory my friend and my comforter

lord how great thou art

Thank you for the Memories, precious memories both THE GOOD and The BAD!


BY Keimesha Campbell


Brown and white Ballerina

PicMonkey Collage

I stare
looking deep
going beyond, what the natural eyes can see.

There you stand poised
in your white and brown
dancing your way
like no one is around

Do your Ballet
brown and White Ballerina
tip on your toes
stretch towards the sky
let your mind be at peace
as you move with grace and ease
for a moment you can fly, just imagine how high?

You stand still
as an abstract to some
but I see you dancing beautifully
to the classics being played.

you move like a melody incarnate
holding the number one spot on your canvas
you come alive in my mind
as I stare….

Brown and White ballerina
dance your ballet
you entertain on my walls
jut dance ballerina! dance away!

God writes

imagesCA0SNIT8Books amaze me, I get excited and enthused like a 6 year old child let loose in a toys store, whenever I enter a book store. As I peruse through the inspirational books section, I tend to feel like I’m at a place of comfort and of course I want to get every book on the shelf. I look at each title and my eyes light up when after every book or two I see a title that stands out making me want to take the delightful journey of engaging and connecting with the author in reading the material.

On one particular evening after making one such visit to the book store, I reasoned with the lord as I walked home. I spoke to him about how awesome it must be to actually be writer. I thought of the many books I have read and how comforting and funny some were. I thought about how great he is to have inspired mortal men and women to write such soul reaching, heart connecting papers. I went on and on and then I was like lord you’re a writer and your book is the best ever written. I believe God has authored many books; he has inspired the hearts of many and has laid ideas, themes, topics, and chapters on the hearts of many.

He is the ultimate writer that mentors. Not only does he mentor and inspire some of the greatest writings of people but he being the supreme creator also authors our lives!

Do you know what an author does? An author is the writer of a book. The author decides from start to finish, the content page, the introduction, the body, as well as the conclusion of that book. The bible tells us that he is the author and finisher of our faith. And this is such a powerful statement imagine God pen in hand, or maybe even fingers keying away letters on the keyboard writing the story of your life, my life, our lives and at the end he smiles because he is most delighted at the beautiful masterpiece that he has written.

Only the author knows why he writes what he does, he has a vision for his end product and he works at it. Sometimes, toiling night and day, tedious hours writing, editing. The author of our lives, has a vision, he has a purpose for our lives, when he made you and I he had a specific thought on his heart. He is in control of every detail that gets written in the stories of your life, your testimony, and your trials. He is the writer and he is not writing defeat but he is writing victory.

Sometimes there is suspense as you read chapter by chapter and likewise as we live through each chapter as the page of life is turned another day, we sometimes face suspense, our hearts sometimes get weary and discouraged as we think about the thought of not knowing what tomorrow holds, not knowing if there is joy or laughter at the end of the bridge.

Abraham did not know the story God wrote for his life. There he was at a certain age no children, no heir! But he didn’t know what the author of his faith was typing on the keyboard. He didn’t know that he was writing that yes Abraham your wife is going to bear you a child; your wife shall have pleasure in her old age. Not just any woman Abraham, but Sarah your wife. He wrote in humor, yes because he is a humorous God. He wrote and said, she will laugh at the thought when she overhears, what my plans are but I’m still writing that story, and it shall come to pass because this is my book! Your life is Gods book, even though you may feel discouraged sometimes, let him write on those pages. On those pages he has written potential, he has written, authority, he has written boldness, he has written peace, he has written restoration, he has written joy, he has written long suffering, he has written over comer, he has written survivor, he has written faithfulness, he has written healing. Are you going to believe the author or are you going to believe the critics as they try to find loop hole and thread the content to pieces chapter by chapter. But this is one author’s story that the critics cannot destroy.

David could not see the fingers of God typing away writing his story. He was just a shepherd boy, doing what shepherds do. But God was writing David….., yes you David, son of Jesse, you shall be king. He didn’t stop typing when David became king, when David was at the weak points in his life Gods fingers were still on the keyboard he did not leave this book unfinished. When David was unstable, so unstable that he slept with Bathsheba, not just an ordinary woman, but another man’s woman, wife at that, God was still writing. He was writing David, get up! Humble yourself and get up, this messed up situation is not going to be the last of you David, But God kept on typing chapter 4 ‘David a man after my heart’.

I stand in awe at the stories authored by no other than Jesus Christ. His stories are authentic and inspirational. His stories are powerful and life changing.

An avid reader will tell you that as you read, you’re taken on such a delightful journey. Sometimes you’re at a point in the book where something triggers tears and at other points the humor gets you laughing out loud among a bus load of people who of course sitting down wondering “crazy what’s the outburst about?” As the stories of our lives are unfolded as written by God himself it is met hands on with a wide range of emotions.

Have you ever read a book with the ending so sad it brings you to tears like a new born child, crying for milk? Gods’ stories are not always what we bargained for, they make us cry sometimes, but he’s God, he writes the best stories and if we allow him to write the book of our lives, our stories will end with joy, I’ve run the race; I’ve laid hold on eternal life. The book of your life is written to last in eternity!

The Race……


To her its all so confusing sometimes. She stares at life and it stares right back at her unflinching, not intimidated by her stare. She often times felt in the past and continues to feel as if she has been such disappointment to her family. She knows they have high expectations of her and that knowledge overshadows her with a weight so heavy she staggers just to keep up.

tears trickle down her eyes, she knows she’s the dark child always wondering off to some distant and unknown territory. With her blinders on she ignores all caution signs and moves ahead, scared to death but still moving.

when she passes look in her eyes there is a yearning to win once in this race for she has always been the loser in this track and field. panting hard
she runs with all that she has but still lags behind…hear her sigh!!!!!!

A winner never stops, a winner gets up and no matter what fights on? but then does a winner also know when to quit?

Anna’s Born Yet Unborn Child

She remembers from time to time, though that memory she has buried in a hole so deep no pirate could ever dig to find her treasure. She created in her mind and changed scenarios multiple times memories of events that never happened, forming an image of a child that was never born. Her regret is so deep i would watch Ana weep and though no one could see her tears i saw them. I saw her regret reach infinity, i could swear her tears helped to fill the ocean as she beat her self about why she did the “Ab…. She couldn’t even finish saying the word all she could think of was what a selfish girl she had been choosing to cover up her embarrassment or so called shame of getting pregnant at such a young age. How would she face the jeers as others would say she was a teachers pet gone bad. Her limited mind let her think all her dreams would die along with her if she carried her child as a child herself.

baby pic ultrosound

Ana Ana and her unborn child. Never born but alive in her heart and mind. Its her secret, no one knows about her 10 year old child but she carries him around with her all the time. Her regret is so deep i would watch Ana weep and though no one could see her tears i saw them. I See her regret reach infinity. I could swear her tears helped to fill the ocean as she beat herself about why she did the “Abor……”

She laid alone on what seemed to be a sliding bed, her arms straight and legs together, eyes closed and scared waiting for dooms day. The bed started to move and she found herself in a room with faces covered, anesthetic administered and she blocks out. Her only memory is the bed on wheels. She leaves empty her gift destroyed. Her body made preparations, producing milk never used by her invisible son.

In her dreams she sees him running and playing saying mommy and dada!
In her dreams she carried him for 9 months and saw his cheeks get red as he cried and kicked. In her dreams she saw his first smile, his first step and when Ana wakes up she is full of regret. Her regret is so deep i would watch Anna weep and though no one could see her tears i saw them. I see her regret reach infinity. I could swear her tears helped to fill the ocean as she beat her self about why she did the “Abortion”

Writer “keimesha Alicia Campbell”