a little fellow called u in routine

This morning at about 7: 15 as I entered the 17A JUTC bus i realized how much of a routine the morning was. I took the same bus to work yesterday, and to top that, I saw the same 2 little boys sitting side to side at the front seat’ playing their usual Nintendo game as they traveled to school. I felt a rush of excitement as i gave way to a little silliness ” I’m like a great predictor’. I dared myself to go a little further ‘i bet the father of the more proportioned boy is sitting to the left’ and there he was relaxed in the same seat he sat in the day before…..My coworker was also in her usual seat endorsed in her usual activity of listening to the radio via her phone, and beside her sat the lady with fully proportioned lips a tad bit larger than mine with her baby cuddled sleeping in her arms…..

In some weird way I felt giggles inside. Why is this routine stirring up such inner amusement I thought to myself. I’m just a weirdo. I guess for the first time it was as if time had frozen and I ‘Keimesha’ had arrested routine in its tracts not only was I an avid participant in its day-to-day ploy I was now an observer.

King Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun and he was so correct… Routine is as old as Adam in the garden. It is older than primitive times and the days of the pyramids….One will agree that there is a certainty in routine, but yet i dare say there is uncertainty amidst the certainty…It certainly was not routine for me to run the bus down this morning like bolt trying to win a track meet!

Though at times our task may seem mundane and routine….routine does not have to be boring, it brings little joys and surprises! it’s certainly a joy for me to routinely go home and see that my mom and siblings are home, also to see a home cooked meal. And a surprise to see there’s no home cooked meal especially on a day when I’m hungry..lol

So remember as you Cruise through the day.There is a little fellow called “U” AKA unpredictable in routine, just waiting for you today…BUCKLE UP!!!! BE READY

The lord has a surprise for you !!!!!!


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