Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

“I’m leaving on an Airplane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again!” They were young and their minds were innocent. They had so many hopes and dreams, marriage and kids, businesses to be opened, silly stuff that made no sense to the rest of the world but made perfect sense to them. Best friends, who could separate them? the people in the community would look forward to seeing the other strolling along if one passed by. This love would surely last like a fairy tale. Valentine forever they would certainly be. Her face would beam in the joy of his company, whether just sitting in the park eating cheese and drinking bag juice or sitting on the porch talking about life.

She loved his surprises, the Birthday cake that he baked, Birthday gift hidden in the freezer, Valentine gift disguised in a sheet delivered by Lucien Lynn. Some people thought it was weird for a girl to have Ninja Turtle as her favorite bear but she didn’t care because it had belonged to her forever valentine when he was a young lad and he used his magic marker and wrote the words “our love will last forever” and that’s all she needed to know.


They burned the mid night oil together, Exams they both had to pass and when she freaked out over the possible results, he told her not to worry because he said a prayer for her. Rumor has it her brother called him the real “lover boy”

Now the years have gone by yet her love has not faded. He left on an Airplane and though he came back several years later he never came back as her forever valentine. He came with a valentine that was new.

Every now and then as I pass by, I glimpse a shadow of her when she was just 15 and I see her cry a tear or a few because for years she thrived on the hope of being with her forever valentine. The love they shared was real and true. Today Married, and a baby on the way, her forever valentine is no longer forever but blue.

Blue valentine…Her first and only love Blue Valentine!!


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