Hope Smiles

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering it will be happier”(Alfred Tennyson)


On February 11, 2012 my brother called me from New York and delivered the heart breaking news “Whitney Houston is dead” Whitney Houston singer and actress died at the age of 48 at the Beverly Hylton Hotel due to a drug overdose leaving many heart-broken and full of questions. The circumstances or the thoughts that plagued her mind before her last breath we are only left to speculate because to be blunt we have absolutely no idea.

At one point in or lives or another, most if not all of us get that feeling of hopelessness. Behind the facade of wealth, smiles, and on the surface conversations, we all have something we hide. We hide the side of us that sometimes just wants to throw in the towel especially when life seems to be rough. I have walked on that road staggering and gasping for breath many times and each time I’ve wondered off depressed and hurt I’m reminded that life is a gift and there is purpose in our days even though we sometimes we do not feel that way.

I’m often times encouraged by the stories of three great men Jeremiah, David and Elijah. They all reached a point in their life where they wanted to throw in the towel and die. Jeremiah felt life was nothing but trouble and tears and he cursed the day his mother bore him. He wanted his birth notice to be deleted from the records. He even felt he should have been killed before he was born and that his mother’s womb should have been his tomb. So sorrowful and graphic! So here I was today feeling the same sentiments, I felt bitter about life, just wanted to puff, disappear into thin air. Have you ever felt that life was just troubles and tears? do you know that God keeps a record of our tears. In psalm 56:8 David cries out to God and said ” Thou tallest my wonderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?”. God must have given us the ability to cry for a reason. He created us with the ability to express every emotion that you can think of. Go ahead and list them; joy , happiness, sorrow, yes that too! sadness, grief, anger, and you can go on and on all the way to timbuktu….

Elijah was depressed. Don’t think for a moment that its you alone who cannot eat when you feel burdened. God had to make special provisions to ensure that Elijah ate. If he can do that for Elijah don’t you think he can do the same for you and I? oh yes he can. Never lose hope, hold it, if even by a thread and if tomorrow seems a bit gloomy remember there is hope ahead. “If we lose our Hope, that’s our real Disaster”

                               Don't Give Up!!!!

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