Love more than a little


Love, love, love! We all want it and even if in some way we try to hide it, deep within we feel a desire for it. Is it weird to want love but at the same time so scared of it that you run away at any slight possibility of an ordinary friendship blossoming into something more?

We hear so much about love, what it is and what it’s not. We see so much paraded about what love should look like, a couple holding hands, an old couple married for over 60 years, still committed to each other, bearing each others burdens. Or what about the scene displayed in the movie “The Vow” where boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl meets in an accident and has amnesia, boy tries to woo girl and sets out to win her heart all over again. Maybe love is what Jacob had for Rachel: he worked 7 years, hard labour and man was he patient and still after being tricked into marrying another woman, Leah, her sister, he was still willing to work another 7 years for her. Based on his actions it is clear he wanted Rachel. The question I often times ask myself is what was it about Rachel that drove him to want to be with her so badly. Yes she was beautiful but was that all there was to her?

There is more to love than how we define it. To say what love is, does not even begin to say what love is.

Are you tired of searching for love? It is often said “love comes unexpectedly, you never know what will happen and when it will happen… if you think you are in love but it hurts, you aren’t in love. Love is kind, beautiful, and gives you the warmest feelings inside. Love is not cruel, it doesn’t hurt”

There is a Lover out there that’s searching for you! He searched for Adam and Eve in the Garden and here He is waiting for you to receive what He has to offer. Not only does He want to share His love with you, He wants you to share the love He will place in your heart with others, friends, family, spouse etc.

The truth is sometimes we don’t know how to love beyond the butterflies and the romantic feelings. but love goes far beyond that. My Grandmother once told me that love is about commitment, staying for the long haul. It’s not a wedding in Vegas and a divorce 24 hours later.

Love is a spirit, and to last in love we have to allow that spirit to be an ever-present and active part of our lives. God is love! God is a spirit, and if we should ever love people the way we should, moving past the facade, seeing the flaws, bad habits, attitudes that we might not like, then we have to allow the spirit of love to stand in our hearts, directing our actions.

Mr. or Mrs. Right doesn’t have to be perfect. Are you perfect? Come on, no way right? I thought so. Why do you, or we, expect others to be? We sometimes say we want the perfect mate, but the saying goes and I have to agree “True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

As the song says “Put a little love in your heart!!!!!”

Just love a little, or rather love more than just a little, love a lot! It’s more than a word……….


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