The Race……


To her its all so confusing sometimes. She stares at life and it stares right back at her unflinching, not intimidated by her stare. She often times felt in the past and continues to feel as if she has been such disappointment to her family. She knows they have high expectations of her and that knowledge overshadows her with a weight so heavy she staggers just to keep up.

tears trickle down her eyes, she knows she’s the dark child always wondering off to some distant and unknown territory. With her blinders on she ignores all caution signs and moves ahead, scared to death but still moving.

when she passes look in her eyes there is a yearning to win once in this race for she has always been the loser in this track and field. panting hard
she runs with all that she has but still lags behind…hear her sigh!!!!!!

A winner never stops, a winner gets up and no matter what fights on? but then does a winner also know when to quit?


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