MemorieS OF

    Memories flood my mind keeping me awake in the still of the night

its thought provoking how in the silence everything speaks even the stars

the stars sparkle and whispers every detail reminding me of years ago:

pictures, faces, places, words spoken, moments shared, lies the joys and the pain of being with….hmmm

just stop talking……..

I try to forget, hide and run away

but memories find me and stares me in the face

I quickly look away not acknowledging the stare and its daunting effect

but it matters not what I do

memories remain!

Images bombard my mind of days, months, years far behind

gone but not forgotten is the constant cry

Memories may hurt but they help us to grow

be grateful for the good and use the bad as stepping stones

don’t try to forget but remember and keep moving

even when your breaking, dawn is approaching!

Memories keep coming….yes

Present the bad times! but I will yet glory

as i think of the Goodness of a friend called Jesus Christ

he has kept my mind sound even when I thought I was going crazy

and when the hurts were so deep

he kept mending me even when I laid asleep

even when I ran and couldn’t face my fears

Jesus never left he ran with me there.

I will glory in the night

in the midst of the whispering stars

I will glory my friend and my comforter

lord how great thou art

Thank you for the Memories, precious memories both THE GOOD and The BAD!


BY Keimesha Campbell


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