About the Writer


I am Keimesha Alicia Campbell,I grew up in Kingston Jamaica however I spent several years of my childhood in Rural Jamaica. My quest is to travel the world, smell the aroma of Morocco with its spices, experience the speed of New York, part take of the serenity and soberness of Jerusalem, city of the wailing wall.

To date I have traveled to Texas, Nassau Bahamas; the Caribbean island known for souse, conk salad and carnival! and to Alicia keys concrete jungle “New York City”

I am passionate about writing, writing allows me to express the world as see it. Its like a whole new side to me unfolds when I put pen to paper, a side that I cannot express well verbally as I do in writing. Writing enables me to quote on quote “talk from the heart.” As a child my teachers would often comment that I wrote beautifully with great imagination and soul. My love for poetry and writing however blossomed as a teenager. During my teenage years writing became my sacred pavilion. For me writing was symbolic to roses coming from my heart. The words I wrote were secrets locked away only released in this form. Roses are delicate and beautiful and its smell satisfies the nose. Roses also have thorns that prick.

This blog roses from the heart grew from this analogy. Out of the abundance of our heart flows countless expressions. Some are like thorns pricking at us and others like rose petals beautiful, soft and pleasantly scented giving comfort to the soul.

I have heard that poetry and writing is the music of the heart, Painting that is felt rather than seen and the orphan of silence and I have experienced it to be true!

This site will model quotations as well as articles written by me as well as other writers. I hope you will be positively impacted by this blog. Roses make the world a more beautiful place. I have made the choice to not allow my roses to be withered away but rather to plant them via this medium, surely they will bloom, comfort and encourage!


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