Sometimes we all need an outlet to express how we feel. Some will write, some will draw, some will sing and still some will keep buried, locked away in the safe of the mind, the keys to reveal the deep and intense thoughts and questions they hold.

Sometimes the heart gives a silent cry! It desires a smile, a
friend, someone to share with and care for, who will do the same in return. Then you give a sigh, because you wonder if your herat is unique? is it just you or others feel what you feel?

Driving by, in the traffic, seeing cars, traffic lights,people all around, seemingly busy, doing their thing. How quickly time flies as you head on a journey you have no forknowledge of. You can google anything, but you cant google what your tomorrow holds! or maybe you can, but you still will never know, because not even the worlds famous search engine can predict your future for you.

We all need an outlet to express maybe not all
but evan just a tad bit of what we hold on the inside. Some will sing! some will
try art! and others will even dance! but she will put pen to paper inking her
heart!!!! her heart, her heart, her heart!!!!!

Signed: keimesha alicia


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